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Why Green?

Why build Green? This is good question; just talking about the environment will not answer that.

This is an article about the reasons why we need to build green, and also that there are advantages for everyone.

Here is the Link to the article; Why Green?

Some of the information included is this quote.

• 36% of total energy use
• 65% of electricity consumption
• 30% of greenhouse gas emissions
• 30% of raw materials use
• 30% of waste output (equal to 136 million tons annually)
• 12% of potable water consumption
• A typical 1700 sq. ft wood frame home requires the equivalent of clear cutting one-acre of forest

This last quote I find really important to understand, we need wood for more important reasons then having a roof on our heads, just Oxygen as an example.

FYI: The products from our sponsored company Plasmacor uses no Wood or needs any Water, is very energy efficient, and low costs on transportations, a real Zero Carbon Emission product.

There are answers, and we intend to bring them!

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  • Arianacymn
    May 13, 2009 at 09:45 pm

    I like your post. Good stuff. Keep them coming :)…

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