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February Snow Storms – Proof that global warming doesn’t exist?

Many scientists use the longer and colder weather climate as a proof that Global Warming doesn’t exists, also does that lead people to believe that Global Warming is not a serious matter.

This following article describes the confusion around that subject, also does it talk about the facts how the weather is getting more out of control, and that this type of cold weather so late in the month is not a regular thing.

Unusual Snow-Storms in February

Unusual Snow-Storms in February

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I do believe that Global Warming is a serious concern, and that it also makes sense for a simple reason, a 100 years of industrialization is not going to go unnoticed on nature, we have never since creation have seen so much pressure on the earths environment. But more importantly, is Global Warming not a bad thing, it forces us to find different ways, and improves our technology. Also for probably the most important reason it is helping the economy by creating new professions, new technologies, new industries.

At Global Green Bridge we seek to develop 0 Impact environmental friendly materials that would replace a wide array of existing applications, and also improve the existing applications.

This is not just about being green and conscious, this is about being smart and advance human kind.


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