Ex-climate change skeptic: Humans cause global warming

Posted by admin on May 27th, 2013

People Seem to forget how important this is, that is why I want to remind them. See http://www.plasmacor.com/ – 0 Carbon Emission Building Material.

Ex-climate change skeptic: Humans cause global warming

Ex-climate change skeptic: Humans cause global warming

Global warming not only is real, but

Headline – 6 dead, 7 missing as tornadoes rip through Texas

MSN - NBC Headline - 6 dead, 7 missing as tornadoes rip through Texas

MSN – NBC Headline – 6 dead, 7 missing as tornadoes rip through Texas

http://www.plasmacor.com – Something that would not happen anymore if Plasmacor would be used as building material. Imagine the many lives that could be saved. People are not aware of choices that available to make their live better.

http://www.plasmacor.com/ – It is truly sad that such things have to happen, its neglect of maintenance, but also is it outdated and could be build different not be affected by wear and tear. With plasmacor as a material also bridges can be build.

Millions of Americans will cross 'structurally deficient' bridges this weekend

Millions of Americans will cross ‘structurally deficient’ bridges this weekend

The Washington state bridge collapse that spilled two cars into the Skagit River could give Americans pause as they hit the roads for Memorial Day holiday travel. With good reason. This weekend, millions will cross 66,000 bridges that the federal government has deemed

I am not sure if I should be mad or glad that some scientists decided to proof other skeptics that we are not simply living in a climate cycle and everything is repeating itself, as in the “ice age”. But I do know that further ignoring the truth will not get us anywhere, and as I have vision with http://www.plasmacor.com , so should others.

The Earth Is Warming Faster Now Than It Has in 11,000 Years

The Earth Is Warming Faster Now Than It Has in 11,000 Years

Global warming is real. Let’s get that out of the way right at the start. Climatologist Michael Mann’s bombshell study from years back created the “hockey stick” graph, showing that in the past century, the Earth’s overall temperature spiked, like a case of planetary flu. This study was immediately attacked…

Http://www.millenniumheadstones.com – Our Headstones produce 0 Carbon Dioxide emission, and are made of renewable resources. The materials used allow many advantages over regular stone monuments, and with high-tech options, that are the Vision of the Future.

Global carbon dioxide in atmosphere passes milestone level - Hawaii's Mauna Loa observatory, where record CO2 increases are being documented. Photograph: Richard Vogel/AP

Hawaii’s Mauna Loa observatory, where record CO2 increases are being documented. Photograph: Richard Vogel/AP

Climate warming greenhouse gas reaches 400 parts per million for the first time in human history

Many scientists use the longer and colder weather climate as a proof that Global Warming doesn’t exists, also does that lead people to believe that Global Warming is not a serious matter.

This following article describes the confusion around that subject, also does it talk about the facts how the weather is getting more out of control, and that this type of cold weather so late in the month is not a regular thing.

Unusual Snow-Storms in February

Unusual Snow-Storms in February

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I do believe that Global Warming is a serious concern, and that it also makes sense for a simple reason, a 100 years of industrialization is not going to go unnoticed on nature, we have never since creation have seen so much pressure on the earths environment. But more importantly, is Global Warming not a bad thing, it forces us to find different ways, and improves our technology. Also for probably the most important reason it is helping the economy by creating new professions, new technologies, new industries.

At Global Green Bridge we seek to develop 0 Impact environmental friendly materials that would replace a wide array of existing applications, and also improve the existing applications.

This is not just about being green and conscious, this is about being smart and advance human kind.


Why Green?

Posted by admin on August 22nd, 2008

Why build Green? This is good question; just talking about the environment will not answer that.

This is an article about the reasons why we need to build green, and also that there are advantages for everyone.

Here is the Link to the article; Why Green?

Some of the information included is this quote.

• 36% of total energy use
• 65% of electricity consumption
• 30% of greenhouse gas emissions
• 30% of raw materials use
• 30% of waste output (equal to 136 million tons annually)
• 12% of potable water consumption
• A typical 1700 sq. ft wood frame home requires the equivalent of clear cutting one-acre of forest

This last quote I find really important to understand, we need wood for more important reasons then having a roof on our heads, just Oxygen as an example.

FYI: The products from our sponsored company Plasmacor uses no Wood or needs any Water, is very energy efficient, and low costs on transportations, a real Zero Carbon Emission product.

There are answers, and we intend to bring them!

The drive for a US code for green houses

Posted by admin on August 18th, 2008

This is an article about an new organization the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) founded for purpose of a national green home rating system, representing more than 230,000 U.S. housebuilding companies. With an extended rating system, in comparison of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) their LEED rating has 4 categories, the NAHB has seven categories: water, energy and resource efficiency; lot and site development; indoor environmental quality; global impact and homeowner education.

My Opinion is that I believe that the NAHB has a better rating system that allow builders to get a better rating that use alternative products, such as renewable resources. A rating system that includes resource efficiency or global impact is as an example for a company like Plasmacor more beneficial to stand out as a builder/manufacturer.

The drive for a US code for green houses

“Jerry Yudelson is president of Yudelson Associates, a green building consultancy located in Tucson, Arizona. He chairs Greenbuild, the USGBC’s annual conference and trade show, to be held in Boston in November. He is the author of six books on green buildings and a forthcoming 2008 book for home buyers on choosing a green home.”

Who is Global Green Bridge?

Posted by admin on August 15th, 2008

Are you ready for a Revolution in Evolution?

are a Non-Profit Organization (Link to the Definition), with 501 Tax Exempt Status (in Process) that is determined to improve our environment with High-Tech research and developments, our projects are for communities that are in need and they range from Low Income Housing, Homeless shelters, Pet Rescue Shelters and more, also endorsing projects that are green, while keeping each project self sufficient, low costs and high standards. We are not interested in fame or are we doing this for the Profit, we are doing this because we believe that something has to be done to save the environment, we have the technology but the industry is interested in profits and not in efficiency, that’s why we are here for.

Our organization is founded by a group of people that are dedicated for the purpose of finding alternative methods by supporting research and developments for materials that are renewable resources, are more efficient so that the environment is not affected. The goal is to promote such products that have a high potential for contributing to reducing the emission that negatively affects our environment. We are working hard on making a difference, and we are determined to give a solution for reducing the emission caused by the industry. We focus on the construction industry because we believe that they need the most improvement, our current candidates have invested their own money to the last extend for creating a true alternative.

Now it is up to your support to make a true change, and improve the life quality of everyone, and save the environment.

We are ready for a Revolution in Evolution, are you?

You should, this is your environment too, if you don’t care nobody will…

We are counting on you!